Off white planter with squiggly pattern carved into it.

Addis pottery 3 in planter

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Pottery made by a local artist. Find more about them below! Planter has Drainage hole.

I’m a black queer clay artist and teacher based in South Minneapolis, I’ve been working with clay for the past 3 years after getting into the art form in college. Working with clay for me is a healing and mediative process that grounds me in patience and growth. My art is currently focused on experimentation, texture, and form. 

As a black queer artist navigating a predominately white art space, it’s difficult to access necessary supplies, tools, and resources to explore clay work. To address that I’ve formed a series of Black Trans/Queer centered classes called ‘Carving Space’ as a way to begin bridging that gap. In the future, I hope to be able to have my own studio centered around providing access to art as a way to support healing, creativity, and community through clay. 

Instagram: @addiiiiiisss