We are Here We Grow

When I tell people I’m starting a plant store. One of the common responses I’ve gotten goes as follows: Cool! Why are you starting a plant store? I love plants, but I kill every plant always.

Well, there you are. That’s pretty much it! People love plants. They need plants. Plants are essential to our well being. But, because of the society we all are living in many people have not absorbed any plant sense. There needs to be a local and personable way to access beautiful living greenery and the information of how to easily care for them.

When COVID hit and I spent 13 weeks looking at the inside of my house I realized that the my little  green friends were a huge part of my feeling good day to day. I would go to the salons and water the plants as an excuse to leave the house. Plants sustain us as we sustain them. And that’s just scratching the surface. There is endless wisdom and fun to be had by delving into the world of plants. Bringing nature into our homes is :

Improvement in air quality- necessary during a pandemic

Provides levity for dismal weather times and improving mental health

Caring for something and watching it grow gives purpose

Grow your own food, herbs, tea, flowers, medicine! Stop relying on giant institutions for a small part of the above!

Plants are beautiful. Interior decor that involves living plants is a feng shui win!

Learn a little more about the world around you.

Witness and participate in how science and magic work together to create life!

Make tiny low stakes goals: keep this plant alive for xxxx amount of time. And then, if it’s still alive, keep going!!!

Learn about planty things and make new planty friends!

We will make things, build planters. Mix tinctures, divide succulents, take walks around the neighborhood, go on tasting tours of local berries, fruit trees, herbs and greens that grow in your neighborhood and maybe in your yard!

Grow your own salsa IN YOUR KITCHEN!

Happy Growing,

Rosie and the Here We Grow Team