Oh hey! Hi! Hello! It's us, Here We Grow!

Hello Plant People!

This is the first message from Here We Grow- Minneapolis’ newest scrappy little plant loving, arts, crafts and making stuff corner of the world. 

We are so pleased to be making little green waves at 8 E Franklin, on the corner of Franklin and Nicolett, with our sister business, Curl Power Salon. 

Here We Grow was started to make a space for plant appreciation, knowledge sharing and as a platform for artists and makers to share and sell their crafts, teach workshops and create a network for people who want to connect in real ways with nature and each other. 

That’s the clean version. 

What's the messy version, you ask? I was running two curly hair salons in the middle of a pandemic. Check out www.curlpowersalon.com to see what we do! One of my locations was closed for 13 weeks, the other ended up being closed for 6 months. In that time I had to figure out how to support my employees and keep the rent current on two locations, while dealing with the anxiety, loss and chaos of this year. I don’t have to tell you. You’re living it. 

When George Floyd was murdered, two blocks from my home, and my neighborhood was in flames, I wondered, does anyone even need what I am doing? Is my work important? 

Eventually I rounded to YES. My work doing curly hair and supporting people to feel confident and positive about their natural hair is totally important. But, also, is there more? Is there a way my business can be open to whomever walks by, whether or not they are coming for a curly hair service? I wracked my brain for ideas of what a neighborhood of predominantly apartment buildings could need and enjoy and would be fun for me to work on. Here is a list of things actually considered: 

Popsicle shop? Dreamy, but maybe not so practical 10 months out of the year. 

Tap dancing studio? Not actually that accessible, but I would really love to learn to tap dance, if anyone has any leads. 

Book store? Didn’t work out. 

Coffee shop? Didn’t work out. 

CBD emporium? Don’t want to deal with that. 

New temporary home for burnt out Lake St shops? Didn't work out. 

Meeting space for local orgs? Oh wait, COVID. Meetings have been cancelled. 

Ok. So, I tried a lot of ideas. And kept coming back to plants. I love plants. I want to know more and more and more. Plants make me physically and emotionally feel good. I get such joy watching seeds sprout and flowers bloom. The concept of pollination has been a lifelong touchstone for me. I want to be like a bee, and create joy and growth and beauty wherever I go. I know I am not alone. Plants are the thing that almost anyone can enjoy, are good for the world, can brighten any room, gives you something to tend and care for when everything else feels dismal. I want to make this joy in living green things  accessible, easy, local and available. I think making art and growing plants go hand in hand, and I come from an arts background. We have ceramics, jewelry, plant related gifts and accessories made by local and regional artists in the shop as well as a wide range of houseplants from succulents to palms to herbs.

I think this can work! I think it can help pay the rent. I think it can better a small corner of the world and pollinate much joy. 

 So, Here We Grow, plants and arts is alive and growing on a corner near you. How can you get involved?

1- Buy a plant! Buy a few! We have something for everyone and every level of care as well as lots of locally made totally gorgeous art objects. 

2-Purchase a gift card for a friend

3- Follow us on instagram or facebook @herewegrowplants and share pictures of your plants and tag us

4- Tell someone that we exist

5- Participate in one of our workshops

6- Subscribe to our plant or art piece of the month clubs! (coming soon!!)

7- Tell us what you would like to see in the shop or suggest a workshop or workshop teacher.

 Lastly, please stop by. We want to meet you!